Go Slugs
Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our team. Slug Aquatics is a year-round, competitive youth swim team sponsored by UCSC for swimmers ages 6 and over in the Santa Cruz County community.

The Slug Aquatics program is both fun and provides the experiences that make a well-rounded swimmer, and ultimately, a well-rounded person. Most importantly, our program structure is balanced, and that will keep you swimming (and loving it) for a lifetime.

You are welcome to come to a week's worth of practices (at no cost) to check out our program. At the completion of your first week, if you would like to join our program, we wil give you all the necessary paperwork at that time. You have one week to complete it, and turn it in with your dues. Please note that we will NOT be accepting new swimmers during the month of December. Anyone interested in joining the team may schedule a try-out beginning in January.

We offer practices 5 days each week and you are expected to make a minimum of 3 practices per week. The Yellow Group (8 and unders) are only expected to attend 2 days per week. Obviously, if you are interested in swimming faster, then you will need to attend more practices per week. All of our practices include technique work, since this will make you more efficient in the water (and faster), as well as minimizing the potential for future injuries.

There is a monthly fee, plus a sign-up fee. Discounts are given for additional swimmers in the same family. If you stay with the team, you will not need to pay the sign-up fee again. There is also an annual USA membership fee. It is currently $65 per swimmer. Memberships for the coming year are available beginning in September.

As far as fund raising/parent involvement... There are 2 weekends during the year that are mandatory - the first weekend in August (this is a three day meet), and the meet that the team hosts at UCSC (the end of October/beginning of November). The team usually attends one weekend meet per month. These meets are usually Saturday and Sunday, and are within an hour's drive. I expect all swimmers to participate at least one of the two days. Your decision may be based on meet events, family obligations, or homework loads. All parents are expected to help time whenever their swimmer is participating in a meet.

Questions? Call:
Head Coach: Joan McCallum (831) 459-3372 Joan's email address.

Thank you again for your interest in our team. We look forward to seeing you in the pool!

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