Slug Aquatics Team Guidelines

These guidelines are to help the swimmer (and their family) understand what is expected as a member of Slug Aquatics.
  • ATTENDANCE: Attendance should not be an issue. All swimmers, 10 years and older, should be making a minimum of 3 practices a week. Swimmers under 10 years of age should be making a minimum of 2 practices a week. If you are making less than the required amount of practices your chances of improving are greatly diminished, and you are not fulfilling your commitment to the team. Since there are 4-5 practices per week, I am not very sympathetic with regards to being unable to make 3 practices per week. I believe that time management is an important life skill.
    • Acceptable excuses for missing a practice are illness, injury, and extreme family issues. You are expected to call Joan in advance to let her know that you will be absent.
    • Understandable excuses are extreme problems with schoolwork and family functions. I do believe that these problems can usually be reduced/eliminated with proper planning. Of course, you should be calling Joan if you find yourself in one of these situations. We will discuss a workable plan of action. Calling Joan after the fact falls into the next category of excuses.
    • Lame excuses (don't even bother telling me) include: having to do the project that was assigned a month ago and is now due tomorrow, sleeping through your alarm, needing to go to a party (birthday or otherwise) and unable to make morning practice the following day.... If you find that you are having a lot of these excuses, why are you on the team??
  • BEING ON TIME: You should always be on time. Period. In the real world, when you have a job, and you're repeatedly late, regardless of the reason, you lose your job. This is more than a swim team "rule". It's an important life skill. Being 5-10 minutes late to practice is bad. Being 5-10 minutes late and standing around making excuses is really bad. All coaches have the final decision on whether you get to practice if you're late. Your best course of action is to be on time!
  • ATTENDING MEETS: You should attend all meets. It is not an optional thing. There are times when school or family trips will take priority, but other than those two reasons, you are expected to be "part of the team". With the exception of the Zone meet in January and the Coast Valley League Championship meet in August, swimmers are only required to attend one day of each monthly meet. For the Zones and CVALS, swimmers are expected to swim all three days. Since you will have an annual meet calendar, please do prior planning.
  • LIFE CONFLICTS: On occasion, other things will need to take priority in your life. You are expected to contact Joan to discuss your plan of action.
I try to be understanding in each situation as it presents itself. However, I do get frustrated by flaky behavior patterns, poor attitude, and lack of communication. By joining Slug Aquatics, you are making a commitment to do your best effort, communicate when there are problems, and learn to be part of a really great team. Go Slugs!
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