Parent Code of Conduct

As a parent of a swimmer and member of Slug Aquatics, I will abide by the following guidelines:
  1. Practice teamwork with all parents, swimmers and coaches by supporting the values of discipline, loyalty, commitment and hard work.
  2. As a parent, I will not coach or instruct the team or any swimmer at a practice or meets (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at the meets and practices.
  4. Maintain self-control at all times. Know my role: Swimmers - Swim; Coaches - Coach; Officials Officiate; Parents - Parent.
  5. As a parent, I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward the coaches, officials, and/or any participating swimmer or their family will not be permitted or tolerated.
  6. Enjoy involvement with Slug Aquatics by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication and actions.
  7. During competitions, questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials are directed to a member of our coaching staff. Parents address officials via the coaching staff only.
  8. Share the burden among parents by volunteering to time at meets at which our children are swimmers; volunteer to help at swim meets our club hosts, whether our children participate or not.
  9. Participate all 3 days in the Coastal Valley Aquatic League (CVAL) Championship in August.
  10. Support my swimmer in making the minimum number of practices per week, plus one swim meet per month.
Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the termination of my swimmer's membership with Slug Aquatics.
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